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Whether you're seeking to purchase a new home, existing home, investment property, commercial, or land, we are here and ready to assist you!

The Reason Representation is so Important

Having someone that can advocate and stand up for you, negotiate on your behalf, and communicate with all parties throughout the process are just a few reasons of many, why having representation is important. 

Home Ownership Benefits
Homebuying Process

It is very crucial to know exactly how much you can afford before searching for a new home. It is always best to consult with a lender to review all options available for you. This will eliminate any lost expenses as well as wasted time. Having a pre-approval from your lender will put you in a stronger negotiation position with the selling party.

One thing you want to always remember when purchasing a new home is that your monthly expenses should not exceed 30% of your monthly income before taxes are taken out. This is referred to as your Debt-To-Income (DITI) ratio. (Click here for more real estate terminology).

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